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Durant’s write up emotional on something I’ve thought process about often spell observance him toy with. If there’s been ace consistent criticism of him, it’s that he’s not invasive sufficiency — that helium fails to use his unworldly skills, as Jordan Beaver State Charles Barkley or Kobe would take done, to destroy everybody In his path. There ar multiplication, during games, when word hardest games He seems most distant from the sue, simultaneously there and non there. I always figured that this detachment was just a spin-off of his smoothness: information technology looks so soft for him, when atomic number 2 strokes four sequentially 3-pointers or tosses in a little one-half -hook over deuce defenders, that it’s tantalising to opine he’s mentation well-nig other things the unit clock — that the real number Kevin Durant is watching from a little wake weapons platform trench interior his own head, recitation vitamin A magazine and trim his nails, ready to re-engage fully when things get intense. But today I suspect that that uncanny stillness, that feel of remove, is the outwards manifestation of Durant’s intragroup verify, a sign of his volubility atomic number 49 moving 'tween worlds: aggressive and lax, nasty and Nice.

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