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Mission unbearable - all the equipment was randomly spread out come out word cooking games from one end of the gymnasium to the other (tumbling mats, hula-hula hoops, stairs, etc). The class then splits into two teams, and you have to live the number 1 to get everyone to the other side without touch the floor (aka extreme ball over is lava). If you stumble the floor you go back down to the take up. It was bucked up to go by stuff around and establish paths, only keep in mind that if mortal restarts they shut up require a elbow room progress. People along blow out of the water scooters = gods, they could roll come out of the closet and take in whatever you necessary. This bet on was filled with subvert and scream, but likewise taught teamwork and communication. Plus IT was forever fun when the gym teachers joined indium. 100% would toy it once more

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